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Liam’s future

Liam’s future is a happy future he has left year 4 to go to year 5 and on his summer holidays but he is  worried about were he lives north east England and were he is going on holiday Pickering because the brake  of thunderstorms but his dad says that can all change by Friday          thank you.

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Devil day

a devil

devil James he is hurtful and hums and gives some damage and swears …. bad language and doing things wrong

to be told off my mum laughs and me and granddad are angry and upset and in my dreams he uses bad language and been hurtful not kind and not  helpful and hums.


heathy busted medcine


This medicine is important to sniff like Albas oil but made a Ben ten bath lab set with fizz wash to put in the bath also used by green bath water and fizzes up in the jug and get you healthy to give you life to live only on for half price the sale is on offer ends the 2nd January good luck get well.

Music Song


Kieran Westwood has sung so many national anthems, in the world for his country.

Hello I’m Liam